Our worldwide franchisers provide twenty-four (24) months guarantee (details are listed below) for the BPiC product you purchased. Guarantee period is calculated from the date of purchase. Guarantee will become effective only after the Certificate of International Guarantee is properly filled by authorized franchisers. Manufacturer's Guarantee does not apply to the following items.

* Battery, crystal, leather bracelet,=
* Damage caused by improper handling, incaution, accident or normal abrasion and/or
* Indirect damage probably caused by fault, manner of use, inaccuracy or failure

If there is some problem of the product within the guarantee scope, the manufacturer of BPiC product will take full responsibility of free service or exchange. The twenty-four (24) months guarantee period of the substitutive product is calculated from the purchase date of the original product, the manufacture of BPiC product will not respond to other requests such as damage Compensation, Withdrawal of purchase contract, refund or withdrawal of products. Any promise out of guarantee, certificate must be fulfilled by the franchiser where you purchased the product.

This guarantee certificate will be invalid if the product is repaired or maintained by any person who has not been authorized by BPiC company or its representatives.

If you want to provide the repairing or maintenance service for the productwithin guarantee scope, please go to the franchiser or service center of BPiC Company with completed International guarantee certificate.

After services within the scope of warrant haven been done, maybe you need to charge for postage and insurance by the franchiser or service of BPiC Company.