Materials And Technical

Raw materials used by TSS Watch are in line with the appropriate provisions of laws of North America, the EU member states and other countries with the principle of environmental protection and human health

1. Quartz watch movement
TSS quartz watches afford unparalleled accuracy of quartz and its battery can usually ensure a continued use of 2 years or more. All you need to do is to set a good time and occasionally to set the date (if the watch has the display function). The Evaluation of Life (E. O. L) function of TSS quartz watch makes the second hand tick just every four seconds while watch is almost out of battery. In this case, please replace the battery immediately otherwise the mechanisms of the watch may be damaged. 

Automatic watch movement
The wrist movement ensures the automatic watch to maintain the correct time. Depending on different watches, the amount of power stored is in the range of 30 to 40 hours. It suggested for a new or long unused watch to wind up about 30 times, which can store some basic power and avoid stopping and being out of fix due to enough activity!

Stainless steel:
All accessible parts of TSS steel watch are made of 904 series of high-quality stainless steel, which affords anti-corrosive and durable advantages. The bright surface of watch fully shows its characteristics and lively shine, as well as the strong capability of antirust and anticorrosion.

Titanium is the lightest metal in the world and has very special color. Moreover, human skin is not allergic to specially founded titanium, which makes titanium watch a great gift for those who are allergic to metals.

5. Diamond:
As the most rigid material in the nature, Diamond is called "King of Rigidity" and forever, It is the most beautiful treasure of the nature. It is pure and stably, which is the symbol of everlasting and strength. 

Sapphire is industrially made of extremely exiguous powder of lead oxide. The powder coagulates to the crystal of sapphire in the incinerator heated to 2050 degrees and then the crystal is cut into pieces by diamond cutter. After these processes, sapphire will be extremely pure and may last forever.

Protective mineral glass
Protective mineral glass is tempered glass made from silica. It is a scratch and impact-resistant glass most commonly used in watchmaking. Mineral glass gets hardened by a tempering process, and meanwhile it has superb reflective properties, strength and clarity and is reasonably priced.

Tungsten is the most rigid metal and is very shining and dazzling after being polished. The TSS Watches made of Tungsten exhibit noblest style and their anti-abrasion capability is only below diamond watches.

Close to the hardness of natural diamond, light metal, with never wearing, will never change color such as gemstones and not cause skin allergies, high insulation, texture and visual extraordinary refined, without compromising the skin permeability. It is with unique shiny, elegant luxury, and so distinguished.