Watch Care

1. Advice for adjustment of the time and day

  1. Do not adjust the calendar between 9:00pm-3:00am because the parts of the Watch revolve with the calendar and the quick adjustment of the calendar may Result in damaging in internal gears of the watch and reduce its service life.
  2. The format change of calendar of week is divided into two kinds (quick and slow) because of the different format the first kind finishes in +5 minutes, the second is in 3 hours.
  3. In terms of watch with screw-in crown, please rotate counterclockwise the locked crown first and never pull straightly. After time is set, the crown should be tightened clockwise to prevent water entering.  
  4. In terms of watch with calendar, please adjust the calendar to the day before your expected date and then move the hour hand to adjust the calendar so that it can avoid confusing day and night due to direct adjustment of the calendar.
  5. The original batteries are installed in the manufacturing factory, when power source is insufficient (weak lighting or dark and unclear display), please ask the dealers or TSS distributors to change the battery.
  6. By default, all the number of days of month is 31 days. For 30 days or less than 30 days of the month, you need to adjust the date to the first day of next month manually.

Waterproof performance
30 meters’ water-resistant:means daily life waterproof. It does not mean the watch can be used in 30-meters’ deep water. It only can prevent sweat, rainwater, splashed water droplets when washing your hands and cannot touch the water with large scale;
50 meters’ water-resistant: is with the better ability than daily life waterproof. This watch can withstand moderate water, can be completely soaked in water, but you cannot swim underwater with this watch;
100 meters’ water-resistant: shallow swimming standard. It can be used in the pool or sea surface;
Above 200 meters: dive watch. It can be used in diving, but must choose the watch according to the diving depth of waterproof standard.

Watches’ waterproof performance is calibrated according to the laboratorial stress test and equivalent to waterproof ability swimmers or divers can withstand sitting in the underwater with the equivalent pressure level. However, many wading activities will include a lot of actions and other environmental changes. These factors which are not considered when the watch waterproof depth is calibrated may lead that the waterproof performance is greatly reduced or even failed.

Waterproof performance of watches cannot guarantee permanent reliability. It may be affected by aging of washer or unexpected shocks of crown. We recommend that your watch be sent to an authorized TSS service center on an annual basis to check its waterproof performance. Do not trigger the time setting crown and / or button of the watch underwater and after each operation, make ensure that the crown is pressed tight or screwed tight.

The waterproof sealing rubber ring is to prevent water and dust, but it is plastic coil only and it must appear heat bilges cold shrink or aging phenomenon, and you should change it every two or three years. If there is moisture on the surface, please ask the authorized distributors or TSS agents to check the watch immediately.

3. Shockproof, prevent magnetic performance
A watch usually has a certain shockproof function. Inside the watch by outside force bump, shockproof function should be at work. The dislocation of battery of quartz watch and wheel of automatic watch should make the watch stop, please don't think that the watch is broken, in fact it should be reset again in the authorized repair station. So-called antimagnetic watch does not mean all parts in the watch are magnetically, it is only the major parts, such as balance wheel and hair spring, spring parts made of antimagnetic material. 

While some of the watch has a shockproof, antimagnetic function, but it can only be the role of prevention, so the wearer should avoid violent collision or placed watches in next to magnetic field of electric, which produce the magnetic or magnetic objects, such as: TV, acoustics, freezer, mobile phone, with magnetic induction cooker, electric mahjong, etc. All these reasons will make the watch stop or inaccurate

4. Luminous performance
Luminous material dived into two kinds: Spontaneous light type and light storage type. Previous luminous watch is made of the radioactive element called radium. With high brightness, but some element will recede and even disappear. Also if we wear it for a long time, it can have traces of radiation which is harmful to human body. Now it has been obsoleted. We use a new luminous coating tritium elements. It needs a period of use by a certain light to energy storage and electronic put glow at night, which has no radiation hazard. Therefore, the box watch, just out of the box luminous is not obvious in general. Over a period, it will have a normal light.

5. To prevent the chemical
Avoid using the watch at places with gasoline detergent, spraying agent, paint, etc. whose chemistry may damage the sealing ring, the watchcase and the surface. Prevent the watch from contacting shampoo, cologne, solar oil and other toilet articles, because they may damage the plastic parts of the watch too. If the watch has contacted the above articles or other toilet articles, please clean it with dry and soft cloth immediately.

6. Anti-static 
Interference of electrostatic charge may lead to winding patterns on the display screen, which will not influence the functions of the watch. However, the interference of extremely strong electrostatic change may lead to the failure of the display screen to display normally and even damage the accessories inside the watch.

7. Prevention measures
The watch is design for normal use, please do not use it in a rude way or drop it. Please put the watch at dry place when it is not used. Do not try to open the watchcase or dissemble it. The paint of the watch may fade because of strong collision, fretting, friction, etc. Please do not make the watch too tight for your hand, it is appropriate if your fingers can insert as tightness.

8. Watch Cleaning
When cleaning the watch or the watchband, please wipe it with a soft dry cloth damping water or neutral detergent. Please clean do not use volatile chemicals (E. G. Benzene, thinner, spray lotion, etc.) We recommend that your watch be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to prevent sweat-induced corrosion. All waterproof watches (except leather band) can be cleaned with a toothbrush and soap water and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

9. Remove protective film
To protect the crown or button, we cover a kind of protective film on the top and it is easy to move. Please find something like adhesive tape, double-sided tape, double- sided adhesive, etc. and use them glue the film and the film will be moved away. There are wire-mesh printing patterns on watchbands of some types. Please don’t wipe forcedly when cleaning.

10. Daily error
Affected by Earth's gravity, the mechanical table flat or stand up, the travel time error is slightly different. Within 24 hours, walking is a normal error in the range of ±30 s / d to an automatic watch, ±1.5 s/ d to a quartz watch, it is according to the movement of the watch. Cumulative error increase, affect the timing requirements, guidelines to adjust the time according to the user manual. If the 24-hour travel time error of about 1 to 2 minutes, to the authorized service technicians to fine-tune the movement of the governor parts, reducing the travel time error