About Us

 We Strive for Perfection

We are a professional Health & Household supplies manufacturer, dedicated to helping you live more comfortably every day.

Achieving that goal requires a commitment to creating products that are built to last, and perform, for the duration. From research and development to design and manufacturing, we only declare a product fit for our customers once we’ve put it through extensive, meaningful testing.

When you choose Hurmoya, you know you' re wearing the highest quality product on the market.

We’re Committed to Comfort

We create smart and sensible products that work so well, you might even forget you have it on. We think the human body is pretty incredible, so we treat it with respect.

From the cut and construction to the obsessive way we brush our proprietary fabric, we make every possible consideration to enhance wearability.

We promise our products are designed and tested with integrity and care for your absolute comfort. After all, compression only works when you wear it.

We Work the Edge

Our Mission is to serve every ache and pain, working towards a better tomorrow.

We are on the cutting edge of pain management technology, constantly improving and creating therapeutic aids.

We built a team singularly focused on innovation, relentlessly searching for a better way: a more comfortable seaming technique, a new material, an ingenious design.seaming technique, a new material, an ingenious design.

We Are on Our Way

Our Vision is to become a professional Health & Household products manufacturer with global influence.

Since the establishment, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Customer as the Center and Product as the Main Line", we care about "Your Health and Smile".